5 Ways To Enhance Security During Halloween Season

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A majority of Halloween is filled with fun events like trick or treating, but in many neighborhoods, children and teens can be a part of some mischievous activities. These Halloween pranks can actually end up doing a lot of damage to your property. Instead of dealing with the mess, enhance your security to help deter criminal activity, identify suspects, and offer proof for law enforcement. These upgrades for your security system are not only beneficial during Halloween, but they can add extra security though the whole year.

Live Feeds

Monitoring the outside of your home on Halloween night could take many hours and leave you vulnerable to random egg or toilet paper attacks. Instead of wasting all your time outside, you can use security systems that connect to live camera feeds. Through a tablet or smart phone, you can watch a live feed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Alerts can be set to the live feed whenever motion is detected in your yard. This allows you to monitor the feed only when you need to. Security system apps can also add extra enhancements. This includes the ability to check locks on the home, turn lights on and off, or enable the home security alarm.

Motion Lights

This is a simple security tip that can go a long way in deterring criminal activity on your property. Many people have motion lights installed on the garage, but a security company can increase these light positions. The lights can be set to your front door, back door, or near a front area of the home like a mailbox.

Advanced motion lights can send you a text or email alert each time they go off. A lot of times these alerts may indicate false alarms like a squirrel or small critter, but it can also give you a detailed time layout of when any criminal activity has occurred.

Camera Positions

Traditional security camera positions include the entrance way of your home or the garage. During Halloween, you may seek additional vantage points for additional security. Work with a security company to expand the view of your front yard and key areas on the property.

Wireless security cameras give you the ability to place views on your mailbox, large trees in your home, or areas in the backyard. With more views, you will have the ability to see any criminal acts that occur on your property. The additional angles may help you recognize the suspects behind the vandalism.

Halloween Cameras

The Halloween decorations on the exterior of your home give you extra places to place cameras and add additional features. For example, if you have a scarecrow display on your property, the scarecrow can wear a security camera to capture footage.

Additional security camera features can also be implemented. One of these features is night vision. Night vision capabilities help see more details at night, especially in areas where motion lights are not visible. Sound capabilities can also help for any vandalism on your property. This includes people saying names or giving other clues to identity.

Body Cameras

Sometimes the attacks on Halloween are not just on your property, but they can be personal. Aside from ding dong ditch, there are some acts that reach the criminal and vandalism stage. The ring of your doorbell on Halloween can bring a lot of trouble, including egging, flaming bags, or even a water balloon attack. One way to help capture this type of attack is by wearing a wireless body cam. When connected directly to your security system, a video log of the incident can be captured.

These cams allow you and security companies to review the footage, take notes, and have plenty of evidence to help get an arrest.

Implementing this extra security should be done at least a month before Halloween. It will ensure that the whole security system runs smoothly and will also help deter any pre-holiday attacks on your home.