Relocation Services For Expatriates: How To Make A Temporary Employee Feel More Comfortable

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If your company is recruiting an expatriate from another country to help improve your financial standing or product lines, you may want to make their stay in the United States as comfortable as possible. Expatriates are individuals who reside in another country but choose to temporarily work or live in another area of the world for business or personal reasons. If this your expatriate's first time visiting the country, they may not know their way around or what to do when they arrive to the United States. Relocation services may be an option for you. Your relocation providers may offer tips and assistance on where to find the best housing for your expatriate, as well as a host of other valuable services. Here's how you and your relocation specialists can improve your expatriate's temporary stay.

Find Suitable Housing for Your Expatriate Based on Culture 

Your relocation service providers can find suitable housing for your expatriate by learning more about their culture. Knowing how the expatriate sleeps, eats and relaxes in the comfort of their own home may help make them feel more at ease about the relocation move. 

For example, if the expatriate previously lives in a country that requires a peaceful and tranquil setting to pray or focus on finding inner peace, your relocators may choose accommodations that give the expatriate privacy to do so without background noise and other distractions.

Placing paintings, bedding and other items in the room that represent the employee's culture may also be something you may consider having your relocators do. The temporary employee may also enjoy accommodations equipped with appliances and culinary items that give them the opportunity to make their own country's dishes.

If you're still uncertain about how to go about making your expatriate's housing feel more at home for them, ask your relocators to consult directly with them. Your expatriate may surprise you and want to experience how people live in the United States instead during their stay. 

Plan a Sightsee Expedition for Your Expatriate 

Your temporary employee may arrive to the U.S. ready to work on your projects. But until the expatriate does, they need a way to relax and unwind on their time off. Scheduling trips to the local attractions in your area may be something you may add to your expatriate's itinerary.

A sightseeing expedition that may include trips to festivals, musicals and other fun activities. If possible, have your relocation providers put together a list of things to do, then give the list to your expatriate. Your expatriate may choose to some of the things on the list or all of them, depending on how they feel about visiting a new place.

It's also a good idea to schedule group trips that include other employees from your company. The employees may help your temporary member of the team feel better about going out in a new and different environment. 

Provide Comfortable Transportation for Your Expatriate to Get Around Safely

If your expatriate isn't comfortable with driving in the United States yet, discuss different types of transportation with the relocators. The relocators may suggest that you have the temporary employee picked up and dropped off when they need to work at the company. Your relocation specialists may offer this type of service to you, which may save you time and money on providing transportation for your expatriate. 

If you need assistance providing the right housing and other amenities for your expatriate, contact your relocation service providers today. The relocators may discuss the services mentioned above, as well as many other ways to help make your expatriate's stay more comfortable and exciting.