Tips For Creating A Compelling Storefront

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Stores are everywhere. Every store has competition close by, making it difficult for new stores to get customers. You need to make your storefront stand out so people are compelled to come inside. If you have no idea where to begin, here are tips for creating a compelling storefront.

Signs, Signs, Signs

A fantastic sign is the most important accessory you can add to your storefront. People won't come inside if they have no idea what the store is. People who are specifically looking for your store will pass it by if there isn't a sign out front. If the sign is bland and unimpressive, people won't have their interest sparked.

There are a few important traits you need to ensure your sign has. First, make sure it's weatherproof. You don't want your sign fading and tearing from the rain, snow, and harsh sun. Next, make sure your sign is highly visible. People need to be able to see your sign while they're driving down the road. If your sign lights up in the dark, make sure all the light bulbs work every night.

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Front Windows

The front windows are the eyes into your store. Make sure the glass is wiped down inside and out every day and the trim is dusted. Building a display in your front window is something you can do to attract customers. You can display new items, trending items, or items that are on sale. If you opt out of a display, make sure the isles or shelves beyond the window are clean and organized. If customers look inside and see disarray, they'll be wary about going inside.


If your store is open after dark, you need some lighting to make sure people feel invited inside. Walking through a dark parking lot to a dark front door is creepy and uninviting. You need a light above your door, and a few on the walkway if you have a sidewalk in front of your store. Large parking lots should have strategically placed streetlights so people feel safe when parking, and they feel like their vehicle is safe too.

Embrace Technology

Having an interactive storefront can boost interest. About 64% of adults in the United States have a smartphone. Making a storefront with QR codes to scan for special coupons and deals will give customers a call of action and make them interested in your store. You can also put up video displays in your front windows. Make video clips about deals or high tech items and services you're selling.

If you have video displays, opt out of LCD screens and go for plasma. LCD fades in the sun, so you won't really get to see the display.


Artwork is another great way to entice customers. Having a large mural painted on the front will give people a sense of community, while making your store look unique. You can even bring in local artists to do the work. Your mural can represent your community or tell a story about how your items can enhance people's lives.

Another idea for artwork is to repurpose old items. For example, if you sell new electronics, you can use old electronics to make designs and pictures. You can adhere old-style phones to the front, and make a fun display out of old tube TVs covered in decorations.

Your storefront is an important part of your business. You need to make sure you have an amazing sign to entice customers to come inside. Having clean windows, interactive displays, and artwork will add to the individuality of the store. These are all things to consider when making a compelling storefront.