Three Reasons Why Anal Sex Is Popular With So Many Different People

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Anal sex is not for everyone. It might not even be right for you, but you cannot know for sure until you try. It appears to be quite pleasurable for a lot of men, regardless if they are the ones penetrating or they are the ones receiving penetration, and there are reasons for that as well. There are safe ways to explore this type of sex before you try it with a partner, too, which may be an option for anyone who has never done it before. The following reveals three reasons why anal sex is popular with so many different people across different age groups and how you can try it risk-free before trying it with a partner. 

You Cannot Get Pregnant 

Women cannot get pregnant during anal sex. While it may be a bit more painful for women because they have an adjacent vaginal opening, anal sex is not likely to result in pregnancy unless the male partner accidentally slips into the vagina during thrusting. It is important to still use a condom in case of the accidental misplacement of the penis. Make sure the condom is well-lubed to prevent tearing the condom and to prevent anal tears/fissures from developing.

Pressure Applied to the Prostate from Behind Intensifies Orgasms in Men

Pressure applied internally to the prostate gland, which sits in front of the anus and above the scrotum, intensifies the male orgasm. Men with male partners that penetrate do not have to do anything else to achieve this. Female partners may need to use clean fingers with no fingernails to press it from behind and inside the rectum. Sex toys may also be used to achieve this type of orgasm for males with either female or male partners. 

Anal Sex Alleviates Constipation

A "side effect" of anal sex is that it alleviates constipation. There are a number of factors involved that cause this. If you do not want a potentially embarrassing moment to occur during anal sex, attempt to empty your bowels before beginning anal sex.

Risk-Free First Time Alone

Using sex toys like the Adam and Eve anal power flex vibe allows you to try anal sex by yourself for the first time to see if it is something you want to try with a partner. Use plenty of lube with whatever anal toy you try, and go easy with the toy during insertion. You will know within a few minutes if you find it pleasurable or if it is just not for you.