How To Advertise Firearms For Sale During A Slow Season

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If your firearms for sale are not moving as quickly as you'd like or you have new inventory you want to get on the shelves but can't due to current inventory overflow, then it's time to consider new ways to promote your guns for sale. The best way to promote firearms sales during a slow-moving period is to create not just value for your customers but a need for firearms. This can be done by selecting the right demographic to sell to — including hunters, gun sportsmanship enthusiasts, and those interested in self-defense — and marketing your firearms for sale in a positive, necessary way to create action in your customers.

Whether you choose to advertise your firearms for sale online, in your local community newspaper, via a local commercial, or just via word of mouth within your store, here are ways you can do so successfully. With the right advertising and marketing techniques, you can successfully move your products well and make more profit during a slow season.

Know your market

Who are the people who normally buy your guns for sale? You want to know your market for two reasons: the first is to know who is already buying your firearms for sale so you can market certain firearms to them. For example, you'd want to advertise your rifles and shotguns to your hunting and ranching customers, your handguns and personal safety firearms to women and sports enthusiasts, and other novelty guns to your general gun enthusiasts and collectors.

Secondly, you want to know the lesser market in your community. This is the market that you haven't quite infiltrated yet or promoted your guns to. This can be women, who take up about 20% of the gun ownership market. Or, you can promote your guns for sale to first-time gun buyers who show an interest in self-defense.

Do gun safety and use classes

Social media and community events can not only help you promote gun safety awareness, they can help you get your firearms for sale moving as well. Plan a gun safety and use demonstration featuring guns you want to sell for the community to see. Customers who have wanted to purchase a gun but did not know where to start may come to your demonstrations and seminars or view them online to learn more — and possibly make a purchase in the process.

Connecting with your community and knowing what they want in a firearm can help you advertise your firearms for sale in a more positive manner. Investigate your inventory to help you determine what your advertising and marketing strategy should be.

For more help with your firearms for sale, reach out to local gun shops.