Well Drilling Basics: Why You Need A Professional

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If you've been thinking about converting your home from its dependency on the local water infrastructure, you may be considering well water instead. While some people have drilled wells of their own, it's typically best to leave services like this to well drilling professionals. Understanding some of the complexities of well installation can help you appreciate why you should call a local water well drilling service instead of trying to do the job yourself.

State And Local Regulations

Most states have published regulations and requirements for water well drilling. You need to make sure that you understand the guidelines that your state and local authorities have established for drilling a well. For example, some states mandate that water wells must be drilled by a professional, and many states and cities have regulations about how deep a well can be, how far it must be from a residence, as well as many other specific requirements for location. If you work with a well drilling service, you can be confident that they are familiar with the regulations in your area.

Water Testing

Another reason to work with a well drilling service is that most services will commission a thorough test of the water quality and condition as part of the drilling process. Water testing is important with well water because of the risk of chemical contaminants in groundwater. Having the water tested during the well drilling process ensures that the water on your property is safe to drink, and can also tell you if you have hard water to be concerned about.

Power Needs

One thing that many homeowners don't think about when they consider well water is the power draw of a well. Your well pump will need to have continuous power access to ensure its proper operation, so you need to establish a consistent power supply. This is another task that a well drilling service will handle for you so that you can be confident that your pump's power supply is sufficient, reliable, and safe. Your well drilling contractor can also help you choose the best possible pump for your home's current electrical condition.

These are just a few of the reasons why it's important for you to work with a well drilling contractor to handle your new well's drilling and installation. Talk with a company near you today for more guidance and support and to ensure that your home's well water is safe and consistent.

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